Mérida Bound: See Our Cover Story in WestJet Magazine’s Feb 2020 Issue!

We have very exciting news to share! Back in the fall Alberto & I were hired by WestJet Magazine (the in-flight magazine of WestJet, one of Canada’s top airlines) to photograph the cover story of their upcoming February 2020 issue. The location? Mérida, the cultural & literal capital of Yucatán state that just happens to be one of our favorite Mexican cities. Needless to say, it didn’t take a lot of arm-twisting to get us on board. We packed our bags and headed to Mérida for 5 days of shooting in & around the Yucatán capital, covering everything from architecture & street scenes to restaurants & bars, hotels & museums, and surrounding cenotes and Mayan ruins.

How did we split up the workload? As the primary photographer of the two of us, it comes as no surprise that Alberto took essentially all of the photos. Although – I did sneak in a few snaps of my own, including one that made it into the issue! (Look for the shot of Alberto sipping coffee under a tilted hat.) With him focusing on photography, I managed scheduling, coordination & logistics with a pretty stacked shot list of 25+ locations. It was an equally challenging, fun and ultimately rewarding week, as we somehow managed to pack everything in amongst tricky variables including crowds, unexpected opening & closing times, traffic photobombs, and the trickiest of all – sunlight.

We delivered our final images mid-December and after a couple of months of waiting…the issue is finally out!

A BIG thank you to WestJet for bringing us on board. Now without further ado, we give you the shoot:


See Our Cover Story in WestJet Magazine's Feb 2020 Issue! Photography by @travelinglamas

Including yours truly, holding it down as the quintessential traveler.

Fun fact: I had my picks for what I thought would get chosen as the cover, but Alberto had his top dibs on this exact photo. Lo and behold, he was right!


We’re feelin’ the love!


We had already called the shoot a wrap when we spotted this beautiful, colorful building on a side street. So glad we stopped to take a few shots, including getting lucky with this street cart rolling by! Nothing like a case of good timing.


The most important part of any trip, naturally.

Fact: we DID completely devour those cochinita tacos minutes later. They were delicious.

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And – because hotel goals are always worth achieving, here are 3 Great Hotels in Mérida to rest your head after a full day’s strolling, drinking & eating. (There will be a lot of all three activities!)


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Want to view the full February issue of WestJet Magazine? You can – and it’s free! Head over here to view the digital issue, and click here for much more about Mérida from WestJet.

This is probably a given, but all photos appearing in this post are by your favorite pair of @travelinglamas. With the exception of: the two other profile photos in the Contributors page; the advertisement in the Hotels page.